How To Grow Afro Hair Longer!

So how do you grow Afro hair long? Well there are many different ways to grow longer hair, but I am going to tell you how to grow your hair using the same methods and techniques which I have used and continue to use on a regular basis, which has helped me to grow my hair from short to right down my back within 3 years.

But firstly, it is important that you learn to understand black hair, in order to know what it expects from you and then once you have this information, you must learn to RESPECT and TREAT your hair with tender loving care, otherwise it will continue to break, or even worst still, you could lose it.

Unfortunately for us, we have the weakest hair texture of all races, but yet we still continue to place the most stress and strain on our hair on a daily basis. So I think it’s time you learn how to care for black hair the right way and in turn, this will lead to sustained hair growth which will result in having long hair.

So here are some quick and effective tips towards creating longer, stronger, healthier afro hair;

  1. Wash your hair on a weekly basis to keep your scalp clean and clear of any product build up.
  2. Condition your hair every week ensuring that you alternate between moisture and protein treatments to help keep an even balance.
  3. Apply leave in conditioners to your after you have finished washing it.
  4. Gently comb your hair from ends upwards, as oppose to roots down to prevent you tearing out your hair.
  5. Limit your usage of blow drying and flat ironing which eventually causes hair breakage and thinning and instead try air drying your hair.
  6. Trimming your hair too often only prevents you from growing longer hair. Instead try trimming it once a year so that you have the best possible chance of achieving more hair growth.
  7. Moisturise your hair twice a day and avoid using any products containing mineral oil, petroleum and alcohol which tends to dry out your hair even more.
  8. Try taking hair vitamin tablets which can be good for encouraging hair growth and health, especially if you lack many of the vital mineral and nutrients in your diet, which our bodies need for functioning.
  9. Eat healthy foods that contain proteins, fibre and whole grains such as; fruit & veg, fish, chicken, dairy products, nuts and cereals. Also make sure you drink plenty of water.
  10. Carrying out regular exercise is also good, because it helps to stimulate and create blood flow and circulation to the scalp, which helps to activate dead hair follicles.
  11. Wear protective hairstyles (wearing your hair up) to prevent your hair from rubbing against any rough surfaces, like a coat, scarf or seat.
  12. Cover your hair every night using a silk satin head scarf, so that when you hair rubs against it at night, the surface is soft and will not cause friction or breakage.

If you are really serious about growing afro hair, then it is important that you carry out the above methods as often as possible. It will not be good enough to try out some of the methods above, as all work most effectively when used in conjunction with the other on a continuous basis and if you are able to do this correctly, then within at least 2 months, you should notice some great hair growth results.

So get going now and GOOD LUCK!

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